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Cardiff City's Big Plans for the Academy

Discussion in 'Cardiff City Forum' started by Colonel Cardiffi, 4 Dec 2019.

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    26 Aug 2017
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    Cardiff City reveal plans to bring through home-grown teen talent and flood Wales team with Bluebirds players

    Bluebirds want to see more Welsh youngsters given an opportunity in the first team, a more sustainable business model for the club which would also benefit Wales

    By Paul Abbandonato

    For a club with a rich history of bringing through Welsh teenage talent, Cardiff City would be the first to admit the last few years have been barren ones.

    From John Toshack in the 1960s, through the Darling Buds of Eddie May in the 1990s (Nathan Blake, Damon Searle, Jason Perry), to the millennium crop of Rob Earnshaw, James Collins, Joe Ledley, Chris Gunter and Aaron Ramsey, the Bluebirds were renowned for developing home-grown youngsters.


    You probably have to go back to Declan John for the last one, a succession of different managers preferring to pick experience ahead of the rich promise of youth.

    Neil Warnock was recently called out by Craig Bellamy , who worked in the Cardiff Academy for two years, for refusing to give Welsh youngsters their chance.

    This wasn't just a Bellamy rant. He is positively gushing about the ability of some of the youngsters on the Bluebirds books, genuinely feels they have been held back... and when Bellamy raves about a player, you know that individual has talent.

    We shouldn't be surprised. Wales' capital city and its surrounding area has produced some of the greatest footballers on the planet in recent times, Gareth Bale, Ryan Giggs, Ramsey and Bellamy himself amongst them.


    The Cardiff talent hasn't suddenly dried up. It just needs to given its chance, a pathway, and the Bluebirds are making moves to actively encourage that process under new boss Neil Harris.

    Painstaking work has been put in behind the scenes by Cardiff chief executive Ken Choo and the Bluebirds' Head of Academy James McCarthy and they hope to be in a position soon where they see the labour come to fruition.

    Ambitious moves are afoot for Cardiff to build a Category One Academy, which would put them on the same level as the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and other Premier League giants.

    And they feel that with Harris at the helm, the best teenagers are more likely to be handed their chance, given his own background as Millwall Academy and Lions' under-21s boss.


    It's very much a balancing act between good results with seasoned professionals and giving Welsh youth its head. But Cardiff owner Vincent Tan is insisting on a better business model.

    Choo explained: "Vincent says we need to bring young players through not only with Cardiff City, but also into the Wales international team.

    "He wants to see Wales playing at Cardiff City Stadium with a number of Bluebirds stars in that side.

    "Ryan Giggs is doing really well after going with youth at international level and as the capital city we have to help.

    "Cardiff City can't just keep buying, buying, buying and spending big on wages the whole time. The balancing act needs to be right, because Vincent is still keen to see us mount a proper promotion challenge this season, but we have to develop our own players as well. And with the system we have in place, we will."

    Although it is not an exact science, ideally Tan and Choo would like a squad of around 18 seasoned professionals, backed up by the youth, verve, energy and fearless approach provided by seven home-grown youngsters.

    At the moment, it is lop-sided. Close on 30 battle-hardened professionals, with no Academy players given their opportunity because of the blockage at the top.

    "The figures are not precise," explains Choo. "If it's three players from the youth team rather than seven to start with, fine. No problem. But we do need to start giving these youngsters more of an opportunity."

    READ THE FULL STORY: Cardiff City's big new plans to put Welsh teen talent in first-team - https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cardiff-city-reveal-plans-bring-17355120
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    Finally they are starting to make some sense Dalman & Choo have listened to Rydogs reason:aya:
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    29 Jul 2018
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    About time to, but the days of producing the next Aaron Ramseys will soon come to nothing as the top 4 PL clubs will soon be poaching them off us.
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    Unfortunately I think your bang on there mate
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    Well this is great news if there’s any substance behind it. The club has been talking about a new training ground for years. I assume your own facilities would be a condition of Cat 1 status?