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FA Trophy winners wound-up over £8K debt

Discussion in 'Cardiff City Forum' started by Colonel Cardiffi, 15 Mar 2019.

  1. Colonel Cardiffi

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    26 Aug 2017
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    North Ferriby United ex-chairman Les Hare left 'empty at life's work ending in tragedy'

    The former Villagers chairman has spoken at his devastation at seeing his beloved club liquidated

    Former North Ferriby United chairman Les Hare has described the liquidation of his beloved club as a tragedy.

    Hare says watching the club disintegrate and the respect he fought so hard for the Villagers to gain going up in smoke is like, ‘seeing a life’s work go down in front of you.’

    The Villagers, who play in the Northern Premier League, said they could only pay a proportion of the outstanding £7,645.25 debt to Chappelow Sports Turf Limited, with District Judge Robert Thomson telling Hull County Court at a winding up petition hearing today that he had no option but to liquidate the company as of 11.10am on Friday March 15.

    The decision brings an end to 85 years of history and a remarkable fall from grace for a football club who have twice won at Wembley Stadium, most recently lifting the FA Trophy in 2015 following a penalty-shootout victory over Wrexham.

    Winning promotion to the fifth tier of English football the following year, the Villagers have now suffered three successive relegations, but more importantly cease to exist at present following today’s judgement.

    It’s a situation which has left Hare, who departed as chairman under the ownership of Eman and Steve Forster (daughter and son-in-law of Hull city owner Assem Allam), feeling helpless and almost empty.

    READ MORE: ex-Ferriby chairman Les Hare 'empty at life's work ending'
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  2. stantys tattoos

    stantys tattoos Ballon d'Or Winner

    20 Feb 2019
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    8k is fk all in todays football. very sad
  3. lardy

    lardy pelanty taker
    Fantasy Football 18/19

    14 Oct 2017
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    Don't worry. Peter Scudamore collected his quarter of a million from every premier league club. So the important people are ok.
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  4. Bernie Clifton

    Bernie Clifton Club and Country Superstar

    13 Mar 2018
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    Liquidation is just a minor administrative error according to the Scotland FA. I'm sure Ferriby can get around it as well.
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