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One for those who think football’s not football when there’s no crowd.

Discussion in 'Cardiff City Forum' started by the other bob wilson, 1 Jul 2020 at 06:42.

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    2 Feb 2018
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    I was really disappointed in last night performance after the previous two results, especially the quality of the passing after the improvement seen in those games. The whole team were pretty poor in that respect. Also the intensity that was there in the second halves of the previous two matches never materialised apart from a brief 5-10 minute period after the subs came on.
    Charlton were just as bad mind. If I didn’t know better I’d say that Harris and Bowyer agreed to the draw before kick off, the lack of urgency and dithering in possession was so bad. It had the feeling of a training game on and off the pitch. I’m just glad I’m not one of the poor sods who paid £10 to watch it.

    The other thing I think that last nights game illustrated, was that, if we start Glatzel, NML and Tomlin, then we have very little in the way of impact players on the bench.

    On paper I suppose it was a decent result, I don’t think Charlton are as bad as their league position suggests, they’d won their previous two games too. I just hope we see a big improvement in terms of effort on Saturday. The wurzels doing the double over us would be a right kick in the balls.
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    Must say that thought about it being like a training game occurred to me as well. As you say in your last paragraph, Charlton have struck me as one of the better sides in that bottom six or seven all season, so I wouldn't see Tuesday as too damaging, but it needs to be a one with intensity levels back at Leeds and Preston standards on Saturday - Derby play Forest at lunchtime on Saturday, so we could well be outside the top six when we kick off.